Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar, Don’t Let This Bill Die

The Texas State Legislature has once again convened (for the 81st time), and there is another attempt to pass a minor, simple, and obvious bill that will set right the current inability of small brewers to sell their product from their breweries – a right restored to craft vintners of the state in 2005.

Whenever this bill arises, it is usually killed in committee, thanks to big money distributors (Eagle among them).  See I Love Beer for more information, and please contact your state representative!  The more light that shines on an issue, the harder it is for a legislative committee to keep it from seeing the house floor.

Open Letter:

Representative Farrar,

I hope you will show your support for HB 1062.  This would provide an economic boon to many small breweries in this state, and great enjoyment to the many Texans who visit them.

This is a right already enjoyed by the many great winemakers in our state.

The minimal amount of sales this will create is of NO THREAT to the moneyed big-business distributors that this state’s questionable legislation has helped create.

Indeed, though most of these businesses make products that don’t classify as “beer” under TABC regulation, the law should be expanded to include “beer” and there will be no future need for the legislation to revisit this law and fix it.
Your constituent,
active and registered voter,
-Bill Shirley
Houston Heights