Bad Analysts at Ars Technica

Ars Technica has an Apple-specific blog. Recently one of the authors provided some analysis of iPhones and netbook rumors. But it’s weak. I don’t really expect more from Ars Technica; I think they promote themselves as more professional than their actual comportment reveals.

The article’s lede includes self promotion, and questionable attribution.

Last month, I posted regarding netbook rumors that were swirling in anticipation of the Macworld Expo. In my write-up, I suggested that in many ways, the iPhone and iPod touch already were Apple’s netbooks. –Ars Technica

The concept of the iPhone being a netbook offering from apple was first suggested half-jokingly on an Apple financial teleconference last fall. For Erica to suggest she has come up with some new analysis of the market by suggesting exactly what someone else has already said is either humorous or sad, I’m not sure which.