Roland Burris, (D – Ill?)

The Illinois Governor accused of wanting sizable favors/bribes in return for appointment to the US Senate, Bolgojevic, has just announced an appointment of Ronald Burris to that position.

The president elect and the Senate are on vacation, as is most of the political media between Christmas and New Year.

I just saw Mr. Burris on the December 30th Rachel Maddow show (iTunes) and I am always bewildered when anyone running for or in public office, especially someone with so much experience, doesn’t have a good answer for the obvious question.

Why did you accept this, obviously tainted, appointment?

Mr. Burris stammered on trying to defend the appointment. Don’t defend the appointment! Defend the acceptance of it!

The correct answer: Governor Blogo seemed hell bent to defy the mainstream wishes that he not appoint someone. He felt the need to prove his is still relevant, and it didn’t seem I could disuade him of this action. Given that, and my lifelong desire to be a servant to the citizens of this state, I thing I can be a great voice for them in the Senate. Were I to pass up this appointment, I don’t know what other person he might choose.

It continues to amaze me how candidates and spokes persons continually don’t provide what seems to me to be the obvious answer. Often Ego is the problem; practicing humility will help.