Hard Work Under the House

YY. B. Calldwell\'s, Monticello, Illinois (R) 5After two hours of crawling under my house and prying out rotten wood, disposing of various debris, and happening across a 100+ year old bottle, in preparation to make the second bathroom serviceable for the christmas party, … I have slimmed down my expectations of how I’m going to get it working.

It was a bit wet under the house, and grubbing around under there got me quite dirty.  But there’s enough to do around the house to fill the remaining 10 days if I gave up on the bathroom.  But I’m not going to give up yet.  It will be minimal and arty.

Afterward I immediately had to strip down and take a shower, being covered in dirt head to toe.  Upon reaching down to pick up my clothes afterword I got a whiff of urine.  I suspect not from the bathroom previously above, but from the semi-feral felines and possums that enjoy romping around under the house.  They went straight into the washing machine.

There’s a lot of cleanup I’d like to do under the house.  Remove old unused pipe.  Remove fallen useless insulation.  Perhaps even prevent heavy rain from draining under the house to pool.