Hot City Inspector or Hot Water? Neither

I woke from a dream at four a.m. this morning:

The City of Houston plumbing inspector had been a woman, it was her last inspection of the day, and after inspecting the gas line, she started hitting on me. We ended up scheduled to have dinner at her place.

I also noted that the caps on the floor jets were flush with the floor and resembled man hole covers. [The actual caps jut out of the floor.]

About 7:30 a.m. the plumbers called me to inform me the inspector would be coming today, between 8 and noon.  I would be at work, so no hot-to-trot plumbing inspector for me.  The Roommate on the other hand got home at 4 a.m., and if he didn’t wake up when the inspector showed I would be none to happy.

I decided to go for a morning walk and upon returning saw the plumber’s van sitting in front of the house.   He had just woken The Roommate to provide him the same information I had received on the phone.   Fine – it meant I didn’t have to.

The inspector came several hours later, and gave the work a green tag, but asking that we paint the PVC emergency drain pipe.   It’s a bit ugly and that’s no large task.

One step closer to hot water.