At&t Is Oblivious

18 days after the storm and I get the runaround or the cover-my-ass questions from the AT&T reps.

“you only contacted us this morning for the first time?”

Since I’ve been without power for 14 days and couldn’t confirm their outage, they will want me to pay.

And on top of that they have NO IDEA what the status of the network is. Wendy, a very cordial girl who asked about the weather “there aren’t any hurricanes around are there?”, told me to call back in another four hours. It’s the standard response. “Call back at 3:15am”, she actually said to me!

There’s no f-ing way it’s going to be fixed at that time or that anyone will know what’s going on at that time. If I happen to wake in the middle of the night, I may call them out of hatred. And in honor of squeeky wheels.