Back at the Board

It’s Day 14 since Ike. Friday night. First time Molly & the Ringwalds have played the happy hour in three weeks -seems like longer. I’m back at the sound board where I have been most Fridays for over four years.

Big news is I stopped at home after work and I had power. Apparently a lot of the Heights was getting power tonight, because I saw entirely too many fire engines, lights blaring, heading into the ‘hood. And a circling police helicopter to boot. I battoned down the house, got on the bicycle (no telling if it might be faster to take to midtown: 20 minutes), and got to sound check.

It doesn’t take too many weeks away from the board for it to start to feel foreign, so I’m once again easing back into it.

Before the gig I ran into Jule Be Sorry (Houston Roller Derby season 2008 Campionship rescheduled from Ike+2 to the 28th). She said Greg Hinkel is having an open house upstairs. He lives in David Beebe’s old place immediately above the Houston Continental Club. I really want to check out what he’s done with the place, especially for an art exhibit.

It’s one of the lighter Ringwald crowds in a while, but they’re aren’t any wallfowers in the crowd.

Jennifer Ringwald’s We’re Not Gonna Take It rant was about Sarah Palin – not as great as it could have been, but pretty good for off-the-cuff ranting. Sam: “You’re the best kind of Republican, the kind that doesn’t vote”

Made it up to Greg’s art opening. It was a neat scene. Then back down to the Big Top.