Ike Damage

Got to sleep after 3am. At the time we were experiencing frequent brief losses of power. Woke at 5am with no power, quickly back to sleep. Awoke again at 8am from a phone call from my sister. The lack of power and an answering machine combined with a loud old rotary phone, forced me out of bed.

A two trunked elm in the back yard lost one trunk. A 10 foot, 4″ diameter branch is impaled more than a foot into my deck, and most of the tree is on my garage.

Another small 10 foot tree in the back is over. A sizable Red Bud along the driveway is leaning on the fence and the neighbor’s house.

Several major limbs are off a Chinese Talow in the front, and a 8 foot (small) Crepe Myrtl in the front is over.

One neighbor has lots of major Pecan limbs in his driveway. Another has a tree leaning on her garage.

The house under construction two doors down sent tar paper everywhere, including blocking the drainage which I cleared in the waning storm. It’s framed garage also collapsed.

The unlatched second story under-construction door that was banging loudly before we retired seems to have been ripped off it’s hinges.

It’s 11am as I write this, the storm is still lingering, and with the whole city without power there’s no telling when this will get posted.