Houston Press Music Awards Showcase 2008

I saw many good friends and lots of great bands, and missed just as many good bands.

Here’s what I managed to see at the HPMA Showcase 2008: Flying Fish Sailors, The El Orbits, Umbrella Man, Katie Stuckey and the Swagger, The Tontons, Buxton, Los Skarnales, Blaggards, Bring Back the Guns, Thee Armada, Young Mammals, and Sideshow Tramps.

I only caught a song or two of a few of the bands. I really liked the Tontons; it was the first time I had heard or seen them. Thee Armada had an amazing ability to empty the room at the Venue – where the sign had been corrected: Three Armada.

I enjoyed hearing from a few guys in Pale that they enjoyed Miss Leslie a lot.

I noticed both Jay and Eric at many of the venues taking photos. And it seems Julie and Ginny were as well.