Houston Press Music Awards 2008

Once again the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase is taking over downtown on a Sunday. For only $10 (two for $15 if you buy early), you can enjoy 6 hours of music from 6-60 bands (depending on how hard you try).

And once again the Houston Press has shown an inability to produce a grid-like schedule for the festival-type lineup.

What is wrong with those people?! Venues across the top, timeline across the left. Humans have been doing it at least as long as they’ve been plugging in guitars, likely longer.

Despite this consistent inadequacy, you should attend this weekend’s event. I’ll be there.

Those that I’m familiar with?

4 – Flying Fish Sailors – Dean’s – the only way to start the day!
4 – The Small Sounds – Havana – Paul Beebe’s most recent venture, has grown musically if you haven’t seen it recently
5 – Miss Lesslie – Venue – a voice you should hear, with an old-school Western sound
5 – The El Orbits – Flying Saucer – if you don’t check out their fabulous free show on Mondays at the Continental Club (over by 11), you can get the new line-up’s mellow lounge sounds here
6 – Scattered Pages – Flying Saucer – Neo Folk? a trio with songwriting and poppy-ness
7 – Black Math Experiment – The Real Sammies – odd-rock, didn’t they already have their “last show”?
7 – Free Radicals – Notsuoh – a venue worthy of this odd jazz combo rich with xylophone
7 – Zydeco Dots – Havana – though the local Zydeco abundance seems to have waned from the early 90’s, the Dots are still here to laissez les bons temps roulette
8 – Beetle – The Real Sammies – if you don’t usually make it out on Thursday nights to the Continental Club, and enjoy the Beatles, you will enjoy this
8 – Sky Blue 72 – Live – great female vocals and a solid jam-band feel
8 – Southern Backtones – Hard Rock – good modern rock with a faint southern tinge – this venue is out of the way, I avoid it
8 – Authur Yoria – Flying Saucer – a singer with polish, always high on the Houston list
8 – Spain Colored Orange – Havana – if you’re looking for a rock flute, this is your best bet
8 РLos Skarnales РVenue Рyour best opportunity to see this Rock en Espa̱ol with a ska tinge without being run over by crowd members
8 – Molly and the Ringwalds – Dean’s – if you don’t catch the free shows on Friday night at the Continental, here’s the solution to your 80’s jones
9 – Bring Back the Guns – Dean’s – one of my favorite shows I never see, challenging, energetic, angry, excellent
9 – Blaggards – Live – Irish Rock worthy of national attention
9 – Sideshow Tramps – Flying Saucer – a high energy quirkiness with bluegrass undertones
9 – John Evans – The Real Sammies – a great Houston musician, regardless of what style he’s playing this week

Most of the other bands are excellent, too, but perhaps not the type I usually partake of.