Twitter and Trees Felled in the Woods

There have been several stories in the news about companies “listening in” on the Twitter feed for people struggling with their products, and providing personal support.

A reactive Squeaky Wheel policy that can preempt possible public bad mouthing before it happens. (Or truncate it soon after it begins.)

Since those examples, I’ve made a point of mentioning the products and services i’ve had issues with. On Wednesday I got a hit.

In the morning I whined about a Web 2.0 word that annoys me:

“webinar” – i wish I knew who coined that term, so I could make them my arch enemy, and dedicate my existence to their desctruction *pow* 10 am

About an hour later I mentioned the Internet broadcast lecture I was about to start watching.

attending a webinar by MyEclipse on Maven – i.e. i’m sitting at my desk 11 am

In the afternoon, just after 2pm, I received notice that myeclipseide had begun to follow me, in apparent response to my explicit “MyEclipse” reference.

The notice was shunted to my not-so-important folder, and I didn’t see it until later that evening. In the mean time, I had complained about one issue, without mentioning MyEclipse explicitly though.

does the Eclipse java debugger have a data watch/breakpoint? or are you going to make me revert to 1970s techniques to find this bug? 3pm

There was no response from the twitter account (which would of course only confirm the limitation of the debugger).

As an explanation to the unaware who have made it this far, Eclipse is an open source IDE that is practically infinitely extensible. MyEclipse is a configured, supported version of the IDE provided for sale by a company. (IDE is an acronym for Integrated Development Environment)

Another thing of interest is that the MyEclipseIDE account is only two weeks old, with 8 of their 9 posts coming in the last 3 days. Currently they have 15 followers and 36 followees.

The Maven presentation was informative, but I suspect they don’t have the development moxie to be modifying the java debugger to support data watch points. Thus the non-response, if they even noticed it.