Scavenger Hunt 2008, Coming Soon …

In January 2006, Allen Hill, Andrea Greer, and I battled it out for a Houston scavenger hunt and came in second.

In January 2007, we organized the scavenger hunt, and inflicted it upon twelve teams. Some of the outcome is memorialized (a few items Questionably SFW). Go to the “Entries” section and click on any particular team to see most of their photographic entries.

There is also an excel file with the list of items that the teams were tasked with photographing. (There were also photos of 10 items they could duplicate – if they knew what they were and where they were.)

January 2008 came and went. No scavenger hunt.

I’ve bumped into a few people off and on … “when’s the scavenger hunt?” Well, now I have an answer for you: November 8.

So, you can put in on your calender, and shudder in anticipation. You can study up on your Houston architecture and history. You can line-up your team.

A note to the novice: make sure your team mates have the same goal as you. Do you want to spend a leisurely afternoon with friends? Do you want to experience a different side of Houston? Do you want a randomly directed good time? Or, do you want to crush the other teams like the bugs they are?!