New Stove and More

Recently, my friend Virginia O informed me that her sister Elizabeth was demolishing her house and had some last items for sale. Well, this sounded like a good opportunity, and I had some time, so I checked it out.

Particularly Virginia had mentioned a stove/oven. I have been needing a new one for a long time. I had wanted a gas stove, but the current connection was for an electric, and that seemed to be the easiest road to take.

stoveSo, I took the stove , it fit in the back of my Subaru no problem. When I got home, moved the old beast onto the back porch, did a 10-year cleaning of the area, and pushed the new oven into place, I found out that 220 volt plugs have changed in the last (insert correct number) decades.

I had to return to the house to pick up an entertainment center, so when I returned, I extricated the plug that was previously in use for the stove, and later installed it at my house.

It works great, and I first tested it out baking a store pizza on my long-unused pizza stone. Trés magnifique!

As mentioned, I also picked up an entertainment center. Mine works fine, but I’ve been using it for eight or so years, and it leads a bit to visual clutter, and also allowed a full cover of dust because of its openness.

wardrobeThe new entertainment center is actually a wardrobe from Mexico. Given that I live in an old house with a limited amount of closet space, it could actually be put to that use, if I wanted to. But, It works well as an entertainment center.

If my television was an inch less deep it would be perfect; as it is, it touches the TV when closed and doesn’t close perfectly.

I didn’t appreciate the full heft of the piece until I got Kevin and Conn over to the house to pick it up. It’s an extremely solid piece. We ran it into several things, with only colored markings to indicate what they might have been. The marks only add to its rustic charm.

Apparently the piece was hauled back from Mexico on the top of an Isuzu with great drama. I’m glad it made it and happy to have the piece now.