Distinguished Alumnus

I was reading my Alcalde, because I am a lifetime member of the TexasExes, and I was struck by the one of the award winners. It’s actually not surprising to me, having attended there. They have a Distinguished Alumni award and this year there were six recipients. (I assume there are usually six recipients.) They graduated from the University of Texas at quite varied times (1943-1986). They have led quite varied lives (US Ambassador, actress, CEO, general rich guy from oil, president of one of the UT sister schools. Three have been UT regents (hmmm). They live in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, New York. But the most interesting is

Salam Fayyad, PhD ’86, Jerusalem, is prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority and a former representative to the International Monetary Fund. Fayyad is widely respected in international circles and seen by analysts as one of the best hopes for peace between Palestine and Israel.

I bet he’s an interesting guy. One I’d like to meet, have a beer with, and discuss things.