Major iPhone Touch Bug – Playcount = 0 ad infinitum

I may push the iPods a bit more than most, but I find all kinds of bugs in them. I could consistently crash my nano when I first got it. After one software update, that was fixed. After a few more, most of the non-crash bugs were gone. I was left only with interface annoyances – that’s how it was designed and they ain’t gonna fix it.

Now with my new iPod Touch, I’ve noticed one whopper! I thought it was only a “not updating the smart list on the iPod” problem, which plagued the Nanos when they first arrived as well. But, it’s worse. (5900584)

Any podcast that I listen to entirely doesn’t get its play count updated! How am I supposed to keep track of the hundreds of podcasts I have and listen to when they don’t get marked as being played? Podcast support – ever stepping backward. I have many smart playlists with “playcount = 0” as one of the filters, and now they’re all screwed – or it’s back to the Nano.

They really should fix it before the June release, and do it for free. But I’d bet that doesn’t happen. Alternately, when the iPhone/iPod becomes an open platform, someone should develop an application that actually supports podcast management!

I could provide you with a lengthy list of the many ways I want to handle my podcasts, if someone out there needs some specs to build to.

(Another pet peeve of mine: Apple doesn’t maintain a publicly accessible database of known bugs.)