Happening on The Street

Do you want to live close to me? I know you do. But don’t fret your pretty head, you can’t afford it. The price of all the destroy-the-neighborhood new homes pretty much assure I will receive baby boomers nearing retirement. (What do they need with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths?)

I was talking to my neighbor. We think it’s time to put some cars up on blocks in our front yards.

611e8th1-2.jpg602 E 8th 1/2 St – The most expensive listing of 67 in the area: $1,150,000. At the end of my street – a block and a half away. Still under construction.

711 E 8th 1/2 – The #6 on the list, ordered by price: $925,900. I love the architectural rendering that makes it look alone and pristine. This one is 3 houses down – almost complete.

619 E 8th 1/2 – The next is down on page 2 of the 7 pages of listings on HAR. $599.900

Hmm, the 728 across the street from me isn’t in the list. It’s complete and been on the market for a while. Had a pending sign for a while, too. It’s had an “Open House Sun 2-4” sign since January, and I’ve only seen it open a few times. It’s not listed on the open house list on the realtor’s site.

724 E 8th 1/2 St [nextag] – The boarded up duplex between the newly built and two just started constructions is valued at $266,860 – but it’s not clear that it’s actually for sale.

I’m not sure the nextag site is worthy – i think it’s a property estimate site. It lists the three closest schools as Wharton School, Christ The King School, and Jefferson Elementary School. I’m assuming they only are listing elementary schools. They missed the closest two: Harvard and Travis. Their link to Jefferson is a bogus link. Both it and Wharton are past major Interstate highways.