CNN Politics Podcast – Fix It!

I’ve been watching the daily politics podcast from CNN for a while. I loved CNN in the 80’s but their worthiness has been drifting for over a decade. I tend to vary my sources of news just to know what they’re all saying.

But something about this podcast, which is easily solvable has been annoying me for quite some time. So, I chased the links till I found a page to send feedback. I’m not sure if it will get to those it needs to, but I sure hope so. An easy fix to an annoying situation.

(Wolf Blitzer’s annoying, but they’re not going to solve that.)


The only podcast I watch regularly is the CNN Politics podcast, a video daily release.

You really, really, really really need to mention WHAT DAY it is at the beginning of each podcast. On either the audio portion or displayed on the video, preferably both!

Otherwise enjoying it, thanks.

-bill shirley, houston

The trick is, these things download daily to my iPod/iTunes and if I haven’t watched them in a while, there’s a bunch of them. There is NO way to tell if it’s the most recent one when you’re watching. And, of course, the introductions are all identical.

Note: I should have said, it’s the only video podcast I watch regularly from CNN.