Electronic “Voting”

votingticket.jpgI voted in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, but wasn’t up for going to the Precinct Convention when I got home. I wanted to go just to experience it, but it didn’t happen.

I consider all the elections in recent years to be suspect. I’m resolving to write up a letter to that effect to hand over to the precinct workers come the full election.

Nothing wrong with this ticket to the right. The problem is the complete unauditability of the process. There is no way to confirm what I click on and what I am displayed is ever actually accounted for. The only way to provide that functionality is to provide a hard copy in the voting booth.

That’s the only issue that needs to be considered. But on top of that is the closed nature of the system. How it works is not public knowledge. This is what we call security through obscurity and 1) it is never secure 2) it is suspect to collusion by insiders, and 3) the secret nature of it makes people lazy.

And, the nature of humans is to be cheaters. Everyone wants something without working for it.