Poppy Schlock, I Love You

“OMG, he broke up with me…”

“… who’s that girl on his myspace?”

Emo Phillips (it’s the name of the song)

Carl and Arrah signed up for open mic night back in December of 2005 without having any songs written. They quickly gathered to prepare (while a certain vegan friend of theirs was being dumped in the other room). To their surprise, they made a little “evan on earth,” thus wanting to share the experience with their best friend in the whole wide world, David Segedy. With much cajoling, Arrah and Carl got Dave to join the open mic adventure. One would think it ended there but no, it was just the beginning. Shortly after, the bandname was prescribed–making it official. It was a band. It was love.

And then they added a forth member, a swanky bass player, in the summer of 2007. His name is Joey Patrick. He’s orange and everyone loves him. He makes a great fern (the tallest fern of them all), and hopefully you will agree.