Open House

The new sun-blocker across the street had a one-day makeover (landscaped and added stairs to get up to the porch) and then had an open house on Sunday. It wasn’t overly busy – though I wasn’t making a point of it to check on it.

Someone (the builder) had parked their large white pickup in the front yard next door to it. Very tacky. I’m sure it was allow the visitors to drive into the driveway (which wasn’t theirs).

To top it off, they’ve had a sign in the front yard since December: “Open House Sun 2-4”. I waited till 2pm the first Sunday after it went up, and it became apparent that they did not mean 2pm to 4pm. TG checked the calendar… “Feb 4 isn’t a Sunday.” And of course, the sign remained up for two months, even on the day of the open house, February 3rd, 2008. The day of the Super Bowl. And the Sunday before Mardi Gras. That’s about the worst time I can imagine it being scheduled.