AT&T Fuckers

Yes, you should not let those with sensitive ears read this blog.

ratedr.pngOnce again my phone is not working. The DSL’s been sucking for hours – about 5pm on Saturday evening. I finally tried the phone and it’s dead. So, I go outside and unplug the house, and plug an analog phone into the line. It still doesn’t work. The line is totally dead. That the DSL will load a web page in 10-20 minutes is a technological miracle.

Of course, I call them, press a hundred buttons answering a hundred automated questions, before the test the line, leave out the information that “yes our line is fucked up”, and say, i kid you not, “your line will be fixed on Monday, between 8am and 7pm”.

My favorite combo:
“If the reason you’re calling is that you have no dial tone, press 1.”
“Are you currently calling from the effected number? If yes, press 1, if no press 2.”
“Is this effecting all of your hand sets? If yes, press 1,…”

Thank you for assuming I’m a dumb ass AT&T, because I certainly assumed the same of you.

So, no paying my bills this weekend. No doing my taxes this weekend. At least I got in most of the blog updating I was doing today.

This is the third time my phone and/or DSL has gone down in the last two months. Once out four days BECAUSE THEY DISCONNECTED IT!

Homicide is in my heart.