George Washington

Known as the Father of Our Country, I’m sure he would be in the top few presidents most Americans could name. He was eulogized as “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”[1] Born in 1732, he became president in 1789 (age 57). George Washington PortraitHe served for eight years until 1797 (age 65), and began the tradition of a sitting president stepping down after two terms. After his retirement, he built one of the largest distilleries in the states. He died (age 67) two years after his retirement two days after spending several hours in the freezing rain on horseback.


  • born and raised in Virginia
  • Land Surveyor, age 16
  • Planter, age 17
  • County Surveyor, Culpepper County VA, age 17
  • District Adjutant (Major Washington), Virginia Colony, trained militia, age 20
  • Became Master Mason in the Freemasons, age 21
  • Delivered warning to French in Ohio country, assesses French strength, age 21
  • Led failed military action in Ohio, age 22
  • Rallied a retreat of a failed British-Colonial action in Ohio, age 23
  • Had a frontier command in the Virginia mountains, age 24-25
  • Married the wealthy widow Martha living at the White House Plantation, age 27
  • Virginia Planter, age 27-41
  • Became more involved in colonial resistance, age 37
  • Led calls for repeals of British laws, age 38-42
  • Commander in Chief, Continental Army, age 43-51
  • Presided over Philadelphia Convention wherein the US Presidency was designed (with him in mind), age 55

Charisma, Modesty, and Leadership seem to be his primary traits.

Future presidents were in Washington’s cabinet: Vice President John Adams (2nd) and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson (3rd).

Washington’s Farewell Address, issued as a public letter before he left office, and was very influential on the further cementing of the direction of the government and the office of the president.