Tuesday at Gingerman

A few months back I was installing an application on my computer, and I checked the “about” box as I usually do, and there was Andrew Loewenstern’s name. I worked with him at the WilTel Advanced Technology Group back in 1994. I put his email address in my address book and forgot about it.

St Arnold ChristmasLast night I sent out a mass mail about the party.shirl.com and got a surprised response from him. Though he’s living in San Francisco now, and we haven’t seen each other in more than 13 years, he was in town for Thanksgiving and is leaving tomorrow.

So, we had some beer at the Gingerman. I forgot I’d tough him how to brew. He’s now appreciating the wine out in CA, working for BitTorrent. But it was nice to catch up with him and a nice St. Arnold Christmas and a Sierra Nevada Celebration were tasty and geographically appropriate.