Weekend of Beer and Games

Here’s the lineup of beers for the coming fantabulous weekend in Wimberley to be spent playing games, sampling beers, cooking food, and perhaps walking down the road once or twice.

Click the image to get a closeup of St. Peter’s Cream Stout1, St. Peter’s Old Style Porter1, Unibroue 161, Malheur 101, Bayhawk California Pale Ale1, Left Hand Brewing Company Imperial Stout1, Shiner 98: Bavarian Amber, Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner, Bitburger Premium Pilsener, Brewery de Block Dendermond Tripel, Brewery de Block Special-Block 6, Brewery de Block Kastaar, Westmalle Dubbel1, Westmalle Tripel1, Mactarnahan Brewing Company Mac’s Ale.

I had the Sam Adam’s Imperial Pilsener, not fully chilled (as the fridge) but cool, and it was amazing!

The list of games is prob’ly longer than this.

1 I have only one of each of these.