Our Dirty Little Secret – Blackwater

The US Military can’t patrol their own camps, they pay others to do it.

Oh, they can patrol the camps, but they don’t have enough people to do all the jobs that need doing in Iraq, so they hire “private contractors”. Basically, mercenaries. But the State Department hires as many as 8 times more (from Blackwater – the leading “security” firm doing business in Iraq) than the Pentagon does1. And some of those guys went on a shoot-em-up spree. The military is much too familiar with this.

“The problems with the absence of oversight, management, doctrine, and even law and order when it comes to private military contractors have been known for a while.”2   And our government has failed to act on any of this.

Just as their was failure to adequately plan before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, just as there has been an absence of true diplomatic efforts before and after the invasion, there has been utter lack of action on huge problems with the mercenary “civilian contractors”.

Such inaction by government is absolutely impeachment worthy.  The only reason I don’t think it is treasonous is because I think they believe they have a valid intent.  I believe they are merely incompetent.  If it were proven true that their behavior was one for personal or corporate profit in blatant disregard of morality, decency, and law, that would be another case.