iPod idea

iPod touchAs soon as the iPod was out, some users whined about wanting a radio tuner embedded, and eventually they got an external one. Personally, I almost never would want it. That’s the point of the iPod – the radio these days sucks.

Now that the new iPod touch is out, and is quite nice for video, I’m thinking it would be cool to have an HD tuner attached to it. Of course, watching college football made me think of it – that would be the ideal use.

How small can a tuner be made? How much power does it consume? Will Apple let companies start officially adding applications (it seems so from the half vacant home screen)?

I heard a business pundit on NPR the day before the announcement – “what’s left to do with iPods? they’re already played out. who could want more that 80GB?” That person looks like an idiot today. These will be the holiday fodder once again.

But how long will it take before we have an HDTV tuner on these puppies? I’d be surprised if it’s not before Xmas 2008.

Note to me: all Houston library branches have free Wi-Fi (and so does HCC).  Oh,… and get the iPhone without the phone: iPod touch. Then I can continue to stay cell phone free.