Log Entry – Day 14,609

Traveler’s Log, Day 14,609,

The Humans still don’t suspect I am not one of them. The huge range of activities they engage in is ever entertaining. Some of them eat pureed beans. Some of them skate in circles and hit each other. Some of them amass great skill fermenting grains. Some of them imbibe these elixirs with nary a thought. Some of them die their fur. Some of them shave their fur. . . in increasingly odd areas. They beam things about in the ultraviolet spectrum to see the rain, to transmit picture and sound, and to cook rolled food called a burrito. The contort their bodies in weird ways: kissing their feet for exercise, bending their thumbs to commute via teletype, and ratcheting their spines for relief from something (I haven’t determined what). They combust large amounts of large hydrocarbons to propel large objects, and do it with hydrocarbons from increasingly odd sources. They think the amount of time they spend under running water keeps them from stinking. They have an enormous number of pastimes that include spherical objects. Their behavior is always intriguing.

I am luring a number of them to a less densely populated are in a few days time to better study them. It should be fun.


p.s. They have forgotten about the Lion Goddess Mut.