Map Schmap?

All of my Flickr photos are marked with a creative commons license. It’s an attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives license, which I would suspect is a fairly common one. This doesn’t prevent allowing other uses, of course.

So, recently I got a random email from What dot who? They would like to use my photo for their guides and just wanted to make sure it was okay. Of course they didn’t say, “we’re a commercial site, and we want commercial permission from you”, they just said “we’re a free site, and here’s the link to our agreement”, please click yes.

I finally decided to go ahead with it and see what becomes of it. Seems right now they have a pathetic guide to houston and need all the help they can get. They also have a downloadable, Windows-only, Mac-RSN guide but what good is that to me?

Hopefully they improve their guide to Houston. Or, more likely, they’ll crash and burn.