Jagged Little Clarkson

I got up early and rode my bike a few miles to pick up some Doc Marten boots offered on the Heights/Montrose Freecycle. I’ve been needing new boots, and now I have two “new” pair. Excellent. When the radio Kelly Clarksonpopped on this morning, it said it was 83 and when it gets a little warmer the showers will start again (they have). That kept me being prompt.

On the way back I was listening to a Slate podcast. They recently added a new category, they call “Mixing Desk”. This 20 minute episode was on Kelly Clarkson. Normally anything Clarkson, or generally American Idol, causes the bile to rise in my throat, but the first few Mixing Desks have been excellent.

Since she’s generally off my radar, I didn’t know she has just released a third album. She wanted to write it herself, and mostly did. She doesn’t like the style of her former albums. She had fights with the suits. Clive Davis didn’t like it. “You’re not supposed to, you’re an 80 year old man.” Presales were lesser than past sales and the tour stadium was canceled (I’d love to see her do these songs in a club).

She’s now being managed by Reba McIntire’s husband. Expect alt-country from this Ft. Worther next. I might actually listen to that.