Rain, Indonesia, and the Kitchen Sink

After three marathon weeks of rain, rain, rain, we’ve finally had two days off from precipitation. It looks like the puddle on my sidewalk may dry up completely today, indonesiaand I may be able to walk across the lawn in a few more days – if it continues to hold off.

Started the first day of clear skies mostly indoors. At a tea shop in Montrose. We played a monster of an obscure (but good) board game: Indonesia. Tracey, James, Onion, Tricia, and myself. I think it lasted a good five hours. After ravaging Tricia position, she still won the game. But I managed a close second.

Ended it off with Doneraki and then a few more games at home.

A few days before that I began the project of ripping out the kitchen sink, replacing the fawcet, installing a disposal, and reinstalling all the drains. About a $200 project. One small drip on the drain I still need to fix, but other than that it’s almost done. I need to reinstall the cabinet door, as well.