La Strada, Rain, Frog

Had Sunday brunch at La Strada with friends. I haven’t been there since it burned and was rebuilt. We were on the patio upstairs and the weather was quite nice for a July 1st. We then went to Under the Volcano, the Gingerman, and Onion Creek, making a full day of it. And like most days in the past month, we saw more rain before it was over.

As we got out of the car and walked across the sidewalk there was a fat toad in the puddles. “Look, a toad,” I said, pointing. Then noticing, “and a worm right there, too.” At that moment there was a convulsion, the toad’s mouth opened, it’s tongue snapped forth, the worm disappeared instantly. Then a few more lurches as he got it into his stomach. Mmmm, dinner.