My Googlegänger: Prince Charming

So, I was reading this blogicle by an acquaintance of mine from college. He sometimes is used as a talking-head expert in the media. He has a Google Alert set for his name so he can see when and where he is talked about or quoted. He was giving a lecture in Amsterdam, and right after the lecture an alert went off – someone was liveblogging his lecture.

So, I though that was pretty interesting and wondered what might show up if I did that. Of course, I’m sure I get more false positives with my name that he does with his – Siva Vaidhyanathan. All my hits are from blogs I am involved in or from the 1940’s actor. I guess there could be worse things than being confused with the singing voice of Prince Charming.

Then I’m reading the Dictionary Evangelist’s blog about hacking English at Foo Camp. He has a few “new words” compiled from a session he gave. And one strikes me as applicable: Googlegänger. The other person who shows up in Google search results when people search for you.

Prince Charming is my Googlegänger!