Derby Trifecta

This will be the third consecutive weekend I’ve gone to roller derby events…

haciendaTwo weeks ago, it started with a nice weekend in Wimberley with friends and board games. Unfortunately, I went a bit under the weather and there wasn’t as much beer drinking as would have been commensurate with the rest of the fun.

carcassoneLeaving Wimberley Sunday afternoon, TG and I made it leisurely and stopped at the Driftwood Vineyards. It provides a fantastic view, so after our tasting we bought a bottle of B&E Cabernet Sauvingnon (from their sister winery in Paso Robles, California), sat on a picnic bench, and played another board game (to the envy of a passing employee).

warmupsAfter that we headed into Austin to see the Texas Rollergirls: three of their teams and one travel team from Assassination City (Dallas). We were halfway through an evening of fun there, when a thunderstorm blew through and took the electricity with it. After sitting for over half an hour, we left the dark skate park and drove through the storm to Houston.

crankshaftA week later, the local and new Battleground Roller Derby had their first bout, which I could hardly miss. So, with a Sunday trip to Deer Park, we enjoyed seeing them spread their derby wings for the first time. And enjoyed a Pasadena-styled after party.

Now, the monthly Houston Roller Derby bout is upon us again. This month with teams from both Austin and San Antonio playing two travel teams (i.e. not regular teams) from Houston. Unfortunately, I wasn’t up for the pre-bout gathering they had last night. Would have been fun.

Acting like it wants to bookend the trifecta, the weather has been super wet and thunderstormy for the past few days, matching the lights-out weather of two weeks ago. But Houston is Energy City; we don’t let the lights go out for long.