The Blind Man of Scrabble

brailleTG and I went to see Peter & James last night at the Big Top, Scrabble in tow. Peter & James are half of the Light Rock Express and sometimes referred to as the Light Rock Light.

When the first three letters TG pulled were L R E, I knew it was a bad sign. When the first word she played was B R A I L L E (with one blank for an L) it was confirmation. I was about to get smoked. And with 5+ vowels in my tray the whole game, I never got close.

Final 334 – 190.

The other two LRE members happened to be in the audience last night – entertaining the ladies – so they each sat in on a song or two.

Tonight: Astros. With 10 losses in a row, the Gambler’s Law of Averages tells me they’re gonna win.