Angus Litigation

“Could you point to the Angus area?”

Cow DiagramI recently saw this Jack in the Box ad, and was mildly humored. They are selling their 100% sirloin burger, and backhandedly mocking the 100% Angus burger. I vaguely recalled someone advertising their Angusness but didn’t recall it being Carl Jr. (There aren’t any of those in the Houston area.)

I recall thinking mockingly “someone’s gonna sue for that”. And they did! The Language Log is wholeheartedly mocking them. They deserve it.

People moan about “litigious Americans”, but the vast majority of lawsuits are brought about by corporations, not individuals.  “Businesses file four times more lawsuits than private citizens and are sanctioned much more often for frivolous suits.”  It isn’t surprising, since corporations generally behave psychotically (trailer, part 1 of 23).

I don’t expect this lawsuit will go anywhere.