The Witch & The Unmaker

So, I finally took the time to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (2005). I reread it when it was about to be released as a movie and enjoyed it. I remember recalling that the battle “scenes” only lasted a few paragraphs and thinking they would certainly take many minutes of the finale of the movie. They did.

Seventh SonA lot of the effects were nice, but what really distracted me was the obvious green screen in many scenes. Many that could have been done on location or with nice sets or props. It took away from what could have been. Or Lord of the Rings has raised my expectations.

I also finished Seventh Son (1987) by Orson Scott Card. The first of a series of books centering on Alvin Maker and set in a different post-Colonial America. One that includes magic (though I’m not sure the word is ever used) and a different peace with natives (or so it seems – this gets expressed more in the next book that I haven’t read).

In the intro he is a young boy and his family are struggling pioneers. There are interesting back-stories with actual historical figures who are a bit different in this world. Not to mention the 7 colonies. It was a quite enjoyable read and with summer time coming I may have to get a few more in the series.

As the title of this post hints, The Witch is the antagonist in the first book/movie and The Unmaker is the antagonist in the second.