Texas Legislature: Too Many Poor People Voting

Voting BoothLast Thursday the Chron PolitBlog called Texas Voter Fraud “a lie”.  Friday the national media was writing an article on the stealthy disappearance of the American Center for Voting Rights.  (An organization who was trying to sell us on rampant voter fraud.)  Meanwhile the still Republican-controlled Texas Legislature was swinging their scepter to “protect us” from. . . something.

Galveston Judge Susan Criss chimed in with her support of Senator Gallegos, who against the will of his doctor was transported to Austin to keep the voting margin viable.  The Houstonist informs that he can now return home to recover from his recent surgery.

The outrageous voter suppression bill did not pass the House by Wednesday midnight and the Lt. Governor has declared it procedurally dead. May it Rest in Peace! (and pieces)