Prom, then Derby, now Illin’

Friday night was the Continental Club’s first prom with Molly & the Ringwaldsgirls girls girls and the Disco Expressions putting on a great time. The $10 cover was waived if you were dressed in your prom-finest. Lots of fun. Saturday I took it easy, perhaps because I felt a bit of the cold that was obvious by Sunday afternoon.

Sunday went to the Houston Roller Derby. Funtastic time, as always. Despite not feeling too great, I had to make it to the afterparty. Adam Fisher was serving up the bbq there; Roller Derby Phil from Austin was loving the bbq – two sandwiches worth.

But I was most super-happy to see Matt at the bout and after party. He has not been seen in a few weeks; his life was in Supersuckville. I hope he’s getting back into life. It was good to see him.

Monday I laid low, camping out in bed with nasty cold, until the Heroes finale. Which marked the official end of TV season – time for summer.