Wednesday, Just Another

Washed my truck, did some yard work, did a podcast (#13, without the Colonel), cleaned some house, cooked some pork chops. I wasn’t really in the mood for going out, but it was Peter & James and Grenadine convinced me (didn’t take much really).

Ran into all kinds of people I hadn’t seen in a while: Kerry Whitehead, Stig Daniels + Cameraman Dave (?). Also those I had seen in a while but wasn’t expecting: Ramiro (his mother is improving (in the hospital)), Christy Kern, Pasadena Stevey (just back from recording in Austin), Mitch Pauls, and Dr. Trombone Bill. There were of course the regulars: Trey, Janet, Jack, & Nick.

I had forgotten that Governor’s Chair – James Noles (guitar and lead singer), Chuck Chavira (lead guitar and vocals), Charlie Earthman (bass guitar), and Joe Earthman (drums) – was playing last night. We caught a few songs there.

Some nice music from the Light Rock Light, and a bit of a late evening.