asleep to awake in 4.2 seconds

After getting home late (well, almost 11 pm), showering, cooking (swordfish steak, asparagus, brown/wildgrain rice mix), and eating, I finally got to bed about 1 am.

5:17. rolled over, eyed the clock, rolled back over, instant sleep.

7:02. morning ritual of adjusting the radio from the going-to-bed station to the waking-up station. Adjusted the covers, rolled over. Sleep.

8:00. noticed the silence, popped on the radio. rolled to my back, though about getting up, though about getting to bed late, thought about dinner, thought about the soupy rice I’d left on simmer.

jumped out of bed so fast, most people would get light headed, got to the rice, which amazingly still had moisture in it. after a good soak, the bottom of that pot should come clean. a new pot, too.

off to the salt mines,