SXSW Images: Tricia w/ The Allen Oldies & Jim Bianco

Tricia ConductingJim Bianco, from Los Angeles, played Saturday morning at the Continental Club after the opening Allen Oldies Band, who cooked jalepeño pancakes. Tricia supported The Allen Oldies Band by being the guest chef. In her French Maid outfit, she cooked the pancakes, leaving Allen Hill to perform the Oldies.

Jim BiancoApparently, Jim Bianco, mistaking Tricia for her sister, Becky, who he apparently knows, walked past Tricia while she was cooking, and slapped her on the ass. And thus the introduction was made.

After that he had to invite her up to dance during one of his more burlesque numbers. He looks like he liked that decision. I liked his whole set, and think he would make ideal entertainment at the Big Top!

About the Allen Oldies, who packed the house at 10 am, Jim said, “Who would have thought that the toughest show of SXSW to follow would be at 11am?”