SXSW T-2 days

The last several years I’ve payed for the wristband, had many excess hours to plan, read, and sceme, and written email updates almost daily. I won’t be doing that this year. I’m going the cheap experience – which is just a rich, but different.

And what updates I do manage, I will do on LJ, instead of email.

I’ll be getting into Austin sometime during the day on Thursday. The combination of Work (which I now have), Flying Fish Sailors (which I feel the need to see), The Big Top (where I love to be), and St. Patricks Day (which I haven’t been in town for for 3 years) will keep me here wednesday night.

Thursday, I drive. Perhaps with a Shiloh stop or two (see info elsewhere). If I get into Austin early, I’ll need an in-store plan. If I get there 6ish – that’s when UT has their first game – and I’ll be meeting up somewhere to watch.

My only other current plans (not enough time to research – see “Work” above) include Fri afternoon on S. Congress for the Allen Oldies. Friday late night at the Parish club (if it’s not too expensive, or too crowded). Sat morning at Continental Club – Mojo hosts 10am till 6pm.

No other ironed out plans currently.