About 2 o’clock I stopped by Griff’s, already tented for the St. Patrick’s week. (Done Griff’s once on a St. Patties, don’t need to again.) On Saturday, they were having an Irish Stew cookoff. There were four team. Some friends of mine were first timers, so I stopped by to see how they were doing. Of course, one of the other teams had some people I know from about town – Catbirds regulars.

At 3pm was the 1st birthday for Haley Hamel, daugher of Todd and Kelly Hamel, my step-cousin. Todd lives in Oregon and was in town to have the party at his parent’s place – same house he had his 1st party. They invited everyone who was at his party. Some some people, Jerry Workman among them, I hadn’t seen in a while.

Dallied there with Todd and Kelley and his parents Carol and Lee for a while. Then headed to meet /Stig at the Big Top. Had a few beers with him and an interesting chat. Pete walked in, dudded up. Then there was a little Pete Gray show. Chatted with some first timers, they all loved the place. Ran into an old friend, Jim, who was the singer for Phyneas Guage. I haven’t seen him in years. I’m OK, You’re on Fire is still one of my favorite albums.

Also in the house, . And I met Jane Bond. Talked with her for a while. A very attractive, quirky, and affectionate girl. A guy from her band briefly played with Pete.