pet peve: the death of adverb

Monday’s horoscope.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Most social blunders start with the ego. Of course, you’re wonderful, and it is awful hard to keep quiet about such things. Cultivate a confident place in the world. Trust that others can sense who you are without your telling them.

Did you see it?
Prob’ly not, but I see it and hear it dozens of times a day.
It’s killing me slowly.

I may be a mathematician and scientist by education, but I try to treat the English language well.

You should have learned it many years ago: an adjective modifies/describes a noun, period; an adverb modifies/describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Most often it is the [ADJ][VERB] (heard every minute on sports talk radio) grouping that gets me riled, but yesterday Joyce Jillson decided she wanted to use to the [ADJ][ADJ] of “awful hard” to piss me off. So perhaps my ego is leading to this social blunder (I will invariably smash some grammar here), but anyone who’s paid to write should know those two simple rules. That phrase rings of Jethro Clampett.