randomness, CLC, etc.

So, I had an interview today at CLC. It’s in the HISD “alternative” district. I really liked it. It’s located in the Old Third Ward, and the building is similar to Hogg MS, close to me.

I, of course, can’t take public transit in this town without being a street-spotting. Ian Rosenberg drove by while I was walking there from the train. Had the two sentence conversation, before he continued on.

It’s lots of at risk kids, but mostly not for discipline reasons. And it’s a magnet school and requires you to apply and be accepted.

They’re hiring a math teacher to thin-out the S:T ratio. There were at least two others in there applying.

I always feel nervous leading up to the interviews, but when I’m in a shool, it just feels right. Like I need to be there.

No telling how it went, I’ll find out next week.

Slaving away at the Tort law firm in the meantime.

I had a bit of a scratchy throat today, but I think I’m shedding it (been drinkin’ lots of fluids)

-bill of all trades