A long, busy day out of nowhere

So, I had planned on going to the Big Top and prepping the bartop trim. But I also recalled that I had promised to replace a kitchen sink dispose-all for a friend this week and had been horribly otherwise busy.

So I called J. Nunnally to see what was up about 11am. “I’m at Ikea. I have $400 in gift certificates and I’m buying stuff for his house.” Bobby Mac being out of town, and J. Nunnally, his eX-but-still-friend house sitting for him. “I’m not sure how I’m gonna get the stuff back, though.”

I, of course, had dozens of things to do at the house, and had mentioned to Yo-yo, that I was planning on working at the CC/Big Top (but had made no specific plans or promises), so I offered “I’ll come help you”.

Number One. Ikea on a weekend should be avoided at all cost. O.K. that’s the only number that’s relevant.

So, I get there, rat my way through the maze that is Ikea, only to arrive at the maps of Austin and San Antonio, mentioning that it’s $159 to deliver there.

“Can you page someone for me?” “Sure” So, I finally caught up with Nunnally.

We discussed the game plan, loaded up two carts. Many sundries. A large shelf, a nice coffee table, two small drawers.

At this point I should probably mention that Bobby Mac’s house burned down over a year ago. Then he moved into the ‘Hood (i.e. The Heights – even if he is in the Woodland Heights). But he lives a stereotypical bachelor existence. Other than the bed (with no frame on the floor), a couch, and a room with a desk (and 200 pounds of letter litter), he has very little in the house.

So, Nunnally and I spent the afternoon constructing Ikea furniture (appropriate amounts of beer and Onion Creek sandwiches were ingested). And we were joined by Sara (recently engaged and living only blocks away) and Cherilyn.

While appropriating the Onion Creek sandwiches, apparently Nunnally and Sara almost ran over several groups of children, one of which was battling with broomsticks, and lobbing fantastical “fireballs” at one another.

After Ikea was assembled, with a minimal number of left-over parts, we had to dispense of the $150 Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift certificate. It only took us two laps around the store, and several battles.

At one point, Cherilyn yelled “fireball” and hurled a bundle of kitchen towels at us. I jogged in time, but Sara took the hit. It bounced off her into the plates – we happened to be in the china section (unaware to Cherilyn). The plate tottered… and then righted itself. We could stop laughing. At the end of it, we still had $11 on the gift card.

We retired to the house, dropping Sara on the way. Added the BBB touches to the house, has several more beers, then went out for pizza.

We had pizza at Kennealley’s, which has very good pizza, but I hadn’t been to this Shepherd Irish bar in quite a while. I didn’t really recall why I hadn’t been there in a while, but soon did.

Of the eight beers on tap, three are light beers (entirely inappropriate for a bar styling itself as an Irish bar!) They happened to had run out of Bud Light, not that it effected me, but… bad bar management.

But the reason I haven’t been back recently: they “fluff” their beer.

All of the bartenders do it. Pour a perfectly decent ping of (something) Light, Shiner Bock, etc. Then before the end of the pint, they stop. Pump the tap on and off several times to foam up the beer, and give you a 3/4″ or-so head to the beer.

Absolutely inappropriate, especially for a British/Irish setting – you NEVER do that in the UK! A pint should be served about to spill. No head. Period.

After the pizza and beer, I had to take my leave and visit the Big Top. Davíd Garza was to be playing live there – rather than the Continental – so I wanted to see the scene.

It was amazing. It was great. Full of people. Enjoying. Drinking. And (most of all – to me) people we had not really seen around before. Great scene. Great night.

So, twelve hours later I finally find myself at home, and feeling that I should put together the items I couldn’t help but purchase at BB&B.

Another Sunday without the slightest plan, that was amazingly enjoying. And, by the way, it was such a beautiful day weather-wise that if we have this all week, it will be un-be-liev-a-ble. Superbowl, bring it on!