Charley’s Big Top Lounge: day 5

Most recent edition: the outside elephant, the elephant handle.

So, I’ve been hanging out at the big top the last two nights. Way too much. I’m sure I’ll be there again tonight, but not too long. There’s still a million little things to do there (and a couple of not so little things).

Last night the Light Rock Express played there. It was good, people enjoyed. I think it was a hair too loud, and I know they were trying to manage that. Time will tell if it works.

More of the crowd last night were people I don’t know – that’s a good sign.

Also, i get a lot of opinion from a lot of people about little things. I’d say about a third of them are contradictory. Oh, well. Can’t please all the people, all the time.

The biggest need right now: more chairs, more tables.