20 Helens agree – Bill is meme-ing

Ok, I’m meme-ing (it’s been a long week).

Twenty things you might not know about me.

  1. My first name is Charles.
  2. I was born in Puerto Rico.
  3. I graduated from UT; I started as an Electrical Engineering major, and ended with a Computer Science degree.
  4. My father graduated UT; he started as an engineering major, and ended with an accounting degree.
  5. His father graduated UT with an engineering degree.
  6. His father graduated UT.
  7. I lived in Calgary, Alberta Canada for a year; I have driven between Houston and there (4 days and 20º of latitude) several times.
  8. I enjoy watching televised women’s curling.
  9. I lived 1 mile south of the Pentagon for 2 years, working in north Georgetown, commuting daily across the Francis Scott Key bridge in my pickup truck with Texas license plates.
  10. I once missed a wedding reception after chewing dozens of skittles into a gritty sugary pulp, then accidentally inhaling some of it into my lungs.
  11. I’ve had lunch with John Henry Faulk.
  12. In 1985 I sat in lounge chairs with Dick Scobee, in his back yard sharing iced tea and good conversation about meaningless things. Six months later he was commanding Space Shuttle Challenger when it exploded.
  13. For almost a year I lived a few blocks from where Stevie Ray Vaughan played weekly. I never went to see him play.
  14. Porter is my favorite style of beer.
  15. Porter is the name of my 9 year old ex-racing greyhound.
  16. I have won a blue ribbon in a homebrew competition for a porter I brewed that had butternut squash in it.
  17. I have had hundreds of people urinate in my back yard.
  18. In high school, I thought I was odd because the parents of everyone of my friends were still married to each other, as were mine.
  19. My parents are now divorced and both remarried.
  20. I have been accused (by different people) of being both a Right Wing Nazi Conservative, and a Left Wing Hippie Liberal.