I’m exhausted at the cellular level.

After 10 hours of work on the Big Top on saturday (trimmed out the windows on the doors, moved all the dead video games into Connie’s now vacant space, mounted three stools, and then… tore out the front of the building – brick, gigantic sheet glass, rotten wood, all gone). Then I stayed till 3am just enjoying and drinking, talking to Johnda about subtleties that would help the bartender work the bar.

This morning, sore muscles everywhere.

Still managed to get up and out of the house by 11am and get to the 23 mile mark of the marathon (in chilly, blustery weather) on my bike, to catch the tail enders. Allen Oldies band had wrapped only minutes before I got there, but we watched the runners for another 45 minutes or so.

Then Carrie’s after marathon party (left early).

Then Andrea’s b-day and a trip to Eda’s with the GreerHills and the Gordons in the cadillac limo. Grady Gaines. Packed house, we got there early and had sweet seats.

Time for bed.