Old School Houston

For those young un’s out there who weren’t out seeing live music in Houston in 1991 (When the likes of Banana Blender Surprise could be seen at Pig Live), there was a local band called The Missiles. They were best known for a song called Can’t get no respect from the Public News. Charlie, the singer/bassist was having a public war with the now defunct but once dominant entertainment weekly. (Charlie is now playing bass for Jesse Dayton)

But I recalled another song on their Atomic Fireball CD which, while written a while ago, is actually Sam‘s theme some. I Wanna be a Sex God.[mp3] Because that’s what being a Rock God is really all about. And it’s nice and guitar heavy, so I know he and Dekan will like it.

As a side note, Bob Hewett, John DeVenezia and I were at the CD release for this at Fitzgerald’s. We were thrashing about the floor, as we were want to do at the time. They had extra tables set a bit close to the stage. One woman was annoyed, I guess at the fact that we were enjoying the music in a way she wasn’t. John accidentally or deliberately, who’s to say, bumped her table. In two seconds she upended her bottle and was yelling at John. The bouncer came over from the top of the stairs in no time flat, and I’m thinking “great, we’re gonna get booted out of here for pissing off some friend/family of the band”. The bouncer grabbed her by the arm and said “let’s go lady”.

After the show he commented to us, “that woman handled that bottle like she was raised at Gilley’s.” Ahh, good times.